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Modernization Services

Without the expense of a new elevator at a lesser cost: Latest Technology at low cost for Better Performance, Improved Safety and Modern Aesthetics. Passengers will enjoy a smoother and safer ride that entice the Customer. SAT offers a comprehensive solution to your Modernization business, including dismantling, installation, testing & commissioning and project management. We shall work as your partner in delivering reliable elevators/escalators to your Customers by executing the upgradation in the most safe and efficient methods. We shall always adhere and exceed the requirements of your safety and quality standards. SAT as your partner, you are no longer required to deploy different teams to complete a quality modernization.

Entice your Customers and add value to your business

Our modernization services include :

• Design Modifications with Method Statement.
• Preparation of Specialized Method Statement and Risk Assessment.
• Installation of Elevator Monitoring/Management Systems and Destination Dispatch Systems
• Specialized Systems such as Multimedia Display screens, Camera Intercom, IP intercom, Access Control Systems, Seismic Monitoring System, Contact Less Buttons, etc..
• Any other customer specific requirement.
• Equipment Survey & Technical Reports by MOD Experts.
• Dismantling of Existing Equipment including Machine, controller , cabin, etc..
•Mechanical Installation including machine, governor, roping, rails, cabin,doors etc.. .
• Electrical installation including controller with drive, car & hall fixtures, wiring etc..
• Testing, Commissioning Assistance
• Third Party Certification Assistance.
• Customized Aesthetic Improvement Works.
• Corrective Works for Code Deviations.
• Installation of Site Specific Safety Requirements

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